Why choose kiln-dried firewood?

With its consistently low moisture content, choosing kiln-dried means that buying firewood is no longer a game of Russian roulette. With kiln-dried, you can be sure that you’re getting ready-to-burn, super-dry firewood. The low moisture content also means that kiln-dried firewood burns hotter and burns longer, producing less ash. It also results in reduced build-up of potentially harmful tar.

Is it more expensive than seasoned firewood?

As the whole process, from freshly harvested timber to ready-to-burn logs, is carried out on our site in Angus, exclusively using our own facilities, we are able to keep the cost to our customers in line with that of traditionally seasoned firewood. As you should have to use fewer logs to obtain the same amount of heat, buying kiln-dried firewood could actually work out to be cheaper.

Why do you sell by volume, not weight?

Weighing is not an appropriate method for measuring firewood, because a lot of moisture could result in a very heavy load, where the customer just pays for water. Different types of wood also have different densities, making some heavier than others. With our loose-stacked volumes, you can be confident that you will get the same quantity of logs, time and time again.

Logs are delivered by trailer and supplied loose

How should I store my kiln-dried firewood?

To get the best results, we recommend storage under cover.